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Shree Yantra

Gold Plated

Shree Yantra is said to be the Yantra-Raj, the king of all Yantras. Sri Yantra is related to Goddess Lakshmi. Devotion of Sri Yantra blesses the devotee with all the fruitful results in his/her life. One may get wealth, property, wisdom, fame and reputation in the society. The native gets the results of its devotion as similar to the results of the darshanas of Teerthas (The holy/sacred places). Just by the darshana of Sri Yantra, all poverties and hurdles are removed. One may be blessed with peace of mind, healthy and wealthy life, and liberation from birth-death cycle. There is no other Yantra in this world equivalent to this Yantra. Know more.


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Divine Rosary (Know more..)

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White Pearl
To Appease Moon

Moon is the planet, which rules our emotions, our thoughts and fortune, so is its gem -Pearl. PEARL is not a mined stone. It is a biologically formed gem procures from the shells of snails in the Ocean.

In astrology, Moon represents our emotions, fortune, fame, memory, success, happiness, and comforts. PEARL helps in curing diseases like Loss of memory, Eyes problems, chest disease, lungs diseases, Mind (concentration) problems, cough diseases, lazyness etc. Wear a PEARL for a happy, successful, comfortable and peaceful life...Know more.


Be worthy of the blessings of the God,
And present yourself with Self-Conciousness !!!
Sva_Chetana (The Blessings of The God ()

- क्या आप ‘परमात्मा’ को जानते हैं?
- क्या आप ‘स्वयं’ को व ‘प्रकृति’ को जानते हैं?
- क्या आप ‘अपना’ व ‘जीवन’ का ‘सत्य’ जानना चाहते है?
- क्या आप ‘प्रकृति’ व उसकी कार्यप्रणाली समझना चाहते हैं?
- क्या आप अंधविश्वासों से ऊपर उठना चाहते हैं?
- क्या आप पतन की राह छोड़कर परमात्मा को प्राप्त करना चाहते है?
- क्या आप इस संसार में सफलता, धन-दौलत, प्रसिद्धि व उतम स्वास्थ्य चाहते है?
यदि हाँ, तो अवश्य पढ़िए - ‘स्वचेतना’ - परमात्मा का आशीर्वाद

”स्वचेतना” ज्ञानरूपी वह सेतु है, जिस पर चल कर एक मनुष्य भयग्रस्त संसार को त्याग कर, प्रेम व सद्भावना के उस लोक में पहुँच सकता है जहाँ... ”नित्य शांति है... परम आनंद है...”।

”प्रस्तुत ज्ञानग्रंथ के माध्यम से ‘प्रकृति का तात्त्विक ज्ञान’ बताया गया है। विभिन्न तत्व-समूह से बना हमारा शरीर, हमारी बुद्धि, हमारा मन व इन्द्रियाँ किस प्रकार क्रियाऐं करती हैं, इसका विस्तारपूर्वक विवेचन किया गया है। ‘प्रकृति के तीनों गुणों’ व ‘परमात्मा के निर्गुणों’ का सविस्तार वर्णन तथा ‘स्वभाव’ एवं ‘विचारों’ का विवेचन कर, परमात्मा को प्राप्त होने का साधन समझाना, इस ज्ञानग्रंथ का उद्देश्य है। (और महत्त्वपूर्ण बात तो यह है कि इन्हीं साधनों को अपनाने से मनुष्य अपने सांसारिक जीवन का स्तर भी ऊँचा कर सकता है)। साथ ही इस शरीर में स्थित ‘आत्मा’ अर्थात ‘पुरुष’ की प्रसांगिक्ता व ‘परमात्मा की अनुकंपा’ अर्थात ज्ञानरूपी ”स्वचेतना” का विवेचन किया गया है।



Blue Sapphire To Appease Saturn

+ Wear a Blue Sapphire to reduce the tribulations caused by malefic SATURN. + Wear a Blue Sapphire if born with sigh of Capricorn or Aquarius. + It is highly recommended to wear a Blue Sapphire (NEELAM) if the native is afflicted by SHANI’s SADHE SATI or DHAIYAA. Know more.

Puja (Worship of God)- Devpuja or worship of God, in and through an image, either at home or in temples, is a common practice in the Hindu society. Though millions of Hindus all over our country and world visit temples, witness or participate in such puja ceremonies, not many are aware of the philosphy behind it (the 'why' and the 'how' of it), the need for puja and its effects on our mind. Know more...


Rudraksh Bandh Wearing a YELLOW SAPPHIRE is an excellent tool for the businessman. A delay in the marriage of a girl may be resolved my wearing one Yellow Sapphire. Wearing a Yellow Sapphire may bless the native with gift of SON in the family. The diseases cured by PUKHRAJ are Heart Attack, Unconsciousness, Swelling, Cough and Obesity.. Know more.



Gems For You Rudraksh - The Shiva

Gems, Gem Stones, Ruby, Manik, Pearl, Moti, Red Coral, Moonga, Emerald, Panna, Pukhraj, Yellow Sapphire, Heera, Diamond, Jerkin, Zircon, Blue Sapphire, Neelam, Hassonite Garnet, Gomed, Cat's Eye, Lehsunia, Tiger Stone, Kidney StoneAs per "Garuda Purana" , Nine planets are represented by nine different gems. These gems has the devine power to reduce the malefic effects of planets. Know more..

Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite Garnet and Cat's Eye.

Rudraksh - Power of LifeRudraksha or Rudraksh (blessings of Lord Shiva) is the auspicious and rare bead having amazing devine power to bless the wearer with wealth, health, luck, power and prosperity. Know more..

· 1 to 14 mukhi Rudraksh
· Rare
15 to 21 mukhi Rudraksh
Gauri Shankar, Ganesh etc.

Yantra - The Worship Crystals - Divine & Pure

Yantra, the specific holy geomatrical structure is known to be the residential place of the related God. They are said to be the best way to worship the God. Know more..

Shree Yantra, Baglamukhi Yantra, Mahalakshmi Yantra, Vastu Yantra, Mahamritunjay Yantra

The crystals are not only known for their beauty but crystals play a powerful role in holistic healings. A Crystal Sree Yantra is powerful mean to worship Mahalakshami. Know more..

Shree Yantra, Crystal Shivling, Crystal Mahalakshmi, Crystal Ganesh, Crystal Globe

FengShui - Art of Placement Parad - Holy & Auspicious

Fengshui StoreFeng Shui is not a religious belief system - it is based on a set of calculations and a mathematical system that ancient Chinese scholars developed. Know more..

Bamboo Tree, Dragon Turtle, Love Pouch, Laughing Budha, Wealth Pouch

Parad StoreParad is the most auspicious metal. Parad Product are very auspicious and pure, it is very helpful in controlling various diseases and to overcome daily life problems. Know more..


AstroMuni.Com - The Best Indian Website for Astrology and Pooja Ceremony

In today’s fast moving life, every new moment seems to be coming with new dangers and miss happenings. Everybody is concerned about his/her father, mother, husband, wife, son and daughter. He/she is always running with anxiety about the welfare of his/her loving ones. All these feeling and happenings have stuck the life of a person.

To get rid of all these untimely hurdles and to resolve daily life problems and to be protected from untimely accidents and diseases one should wear “Rakshak Yantra”... Know more.


Jupiter Yantra (Bhoj Patra Yantra)

Jupiter is the significant planet of brain and knowledge. Jupiter is an auspicious pslanet and is resembled to the native’s wisdom, mind power, knowledge, religion, fortune, happiness, welfare, joy, devotion, spirituality, generosity, charity, gentleness, liberality, statesmanship, minister ship, ultra mundane pleasure, fame, wealth power, respect, reputation, honor, dignity and the status etc.

One should wear Jupiter Yantra to get blessed with above said aspects...Know more.


What is Rudraksh?
Who is the legend behind Rudraksha?
Who can wear Rudraksh?
What are the precautions to wear Rudraksh?
What is the Procedure to Energize Rudraksh?
Important Tips about Rudraksh. ( and more.. )
Lakshmi Ganesh Bandh
Kaam Rudrksh Bandh
Durga Shakti Bandh
Marital Bliss Bandh
Education Band
Health Rudraksh Bandh
Rakshak Bandh
Budhi Vinayak Bandh
Sarv Karya Sidhi Bandh
Ganesh Bandh
Navgrah Bandh
Surya Rudraksh Bandh
Chandra Rudraksh Bandh
Mangal Rudraksh Bandh
Budh Rudraksh Bandh
Brihaspati Rudraksh Bandh
Shukra Rudraksh Bandh
Shani Rudraksh Bandh
Rahu Rudraksh Bandh
Ketu Rudraksh Bandh
Aries Rudraksh Bandh
Taurus Rudraksh Bandh
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Virgo Rudraksh Bandh
Libra Rudraksh Bandh
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