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July 24, 2024
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Nakshatra Analysis Report

Nakshatra & Karmic Planets Analysis Report
(The Most Important Astrology Report)

An interesting and profound astrology report based on the combination of methodically examining Nakshatras and Karmic Authority Planets (as declared by the oldest planets of the universe, Rahu & Ketu).

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Suitable Gemstones Report
Suitable Gemstones Astrology Report
After deeply analyzing your horoscope our astrologers will prescribe you the best suitable gemstones for you along with perfect metal to mount them on. The report will also suggest auspicious day & time and appropriate finger to wear the gemstone on.
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Black Magic Astrology Report
Black Magic Report
Astromuni after working deeply on your horoscope we provide you with the best possible way out to get rid of the black magic. The report also mentions the strnongest planets of your horoscope which protect you from being hurt of the supernatural powers and the evil spirit.
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Love Astro ReporLove Astrology Report
Astromuni.com’s astro experts make a detailed study of your horoscope and suggest you with the report of your love/married life.

Just in INR 700 OR US $ 10.77

Wealth Astro ReportWealth Astro Report
AstroMuni.com’s astro experts make a detailed study of the horoscope and provide you with a report related to your wealth, land, property and vehicles. And if it finds any problem they also suggest you with the best possible remedies to resolve those problems.

Just in INR 1101 OR US $ 16.94

Academic Astro ReportAcademic Astrology Report
Astromuni provides you with a detailed overview of your educational structure which may guide you through your life. e.g. which field of academy will be suitable for you. An early diagnosis of the horoscope may help opting the correct field education for higher classes.

Just in INR 1101 OR US $ 16.94

Business Astro ReportBusiness Astrology Report
Today everyone wants to earn more from his business. Astro experts of astromuni make a detail study of the horoscope of a native to give his the best possible business to choose, so that a native can concentrate on working in particular business to get maximum out of it.

Just in INR 1101 OR US $ 16.94

Child Astro ReportChild Astrology Report
Today everyone is worried about the growth of their child, his study, career, marriage. Astromuni’s astro professionals make a detailed study of your child’s horoscope and suggest you with lots of remedies to be adopted time to time to resolve his daily life problems. Astromuni.com tells the possible times of the diseases and accidents that may occur in his life. Astromuni.com also suggest the remedies. Also, Astromuni’s Child report suggests the best possible field of study and career for your child.

Just in INR 1101 OR US $ 16.94

Life Astro ReportLife Astrology Report
As name suggest the vedic/astro professionals of AstroMuni.Com make a very deep study of your horoscope and provides you with the most of the life incidents of your life that may occur in your coming life. Astromuni.Com provides you with your mental status, family status, wealth, land property, vehicles, study, children, diseases, accidents, marriage, luck, fortune, religiousness, business, profession, income and expenses, chances of going abroad. Chances of becoming a politician.

Just in INR 2100 OR US $ 32.31

Ask Our Astrologers
After diagnozing the problem and understanding the situation, our astrologers let you know the possible effects of the planets and the remedial process to adopt to overcome and to lessen the gravity of the problem which has or may arise in your life.

Just in INR 1600 OR US $ 24.62

Career Astro ReportCareer Astrology Report
You have completed your studies and professional cources and now you want to join in with some good company with better prospectus to start you career with. Astromuni’s astro professionals make a detailed study of your horoscope and recommend you to choose the best possible fields of career. e.g. Computers (IT), Management, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Scientist etc. There are different astrological aspects in the horoscope which are required to be studied seriously in order to decide about choosing the correct path of profession in the life.

Just in INR 1101 OR US $ 16.94

Health Astro ReportHealth Astrology Report
Health today is one of the most important issues to be deal with in the life of a native. Astromuni’s astro experts after making the detailed study of your horoscope, provide you with the possible disease you may suffer with and the possible time of its occurrence. Astromuni.Com also provides the best possible remedies to overcome these diseases before its occurrence. An intensive study of the natal chart is required for the purpose. This report may help you know the corrective measures that you may choose in order to protect your hard earned savings to go in vain in the hospital bills.

Just in INR 1101 OR US $ 16.94

Match Making ReportMatch Making Report
Astromuni.com’s astro experts make the detailed study of the horoscopes of both male and female and provides you with the best probabilities of their match in respect to their marriage. Astromuni.com’s Match Making Report tells step by step and a conclusion of the study is also there.

Just in INR 700 OR US $ 10.77

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