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February 21, 2018
Home Yantra on Bhoj Patra Brihaspati Yantra
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BHOJPATRA YANTRA - BRIHASPATI YANTRA - for Planet Jupiter Go to Home Page

Bhojpatra Brihaspati YantraBrihaspati Yantra on Bhoj Patra is use to appease the planet Jupiter or Brihaspati. Bhojpatra Brihaspati Yantra is use to remove the malefic effect of planet Jupiter or brihaspati. Jupiter or Brihaspati Yantra made on every thursday in shukla paksha with auspicious ink and auspicious pen (kalam).

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. According to Hindu Shastra, “Brahaspati” is the son of “ANGIRA RISHI”. Jupiter is also known as “GURU” of all “Devtas”. According to Indian Astrolgy, Guru is the knowledge (GYAN) of the “KAAL PURUSHA”. So we can say “GURU” is the significant planet of brain and knowledge. Jupiter is an auspicious pslanet and is resembled to the native’s wisdom, mind power, knowledge, religion, fortune, happiness, welfare, joy, devotion, spirituality, generosity, charity, gentleness, liberality, statesmanship, minister ship, ultra mundane pleasure, fame, wealth power, respect, reputation, honor, dignity and the status etc.

Bhoj Patra Brihaspati Yantra:

Item Code Product Descriptions
Sizes are in inches)
BP062015 Bhoj Patra Brihaspati Yantra 1600 24.62

• If Jupiter is well placed in the horoscope of a native, he/she can enjoy all good in his life.

• If Jupiter is in malefic position in the horoscope, one can find his life ruined in all respects.

• If Jupiter is in malefic position in the horoscope, one can find his life ruined in all respects.

• It is highly recommended to wear a Brihaspati Yantra to increase the power of the benefic Jupiter or to reduce the tribulations caused by malefic Jupiter.

- If you are facing the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Brihaspati (Jupiter), it is recommended to use Brihaspati Yantra to appease Brihaspati.

- If the positon of Brihaspati in your horoscope is unfavourable and the time is not in your favour you are recommended to use Brihaspati Yantra to overcome the troubles you are facing.

Using Brihaspati Yantra created on Bhoj Patra blesses the native with all good in his business and profession like GOLD AND GOLD JEWELRY, YELLOW STONES, YELLOW CLOTHES, TURMERIC, BRONZE PRODUCTS, ASTROLOGY, WAX, WHEAT, etc.

Brihaspati Yantra is also used to cure the diseases occured due to melefic position of Brihaspati in the horoscope of a native like heart attack, unconsciousness, swelling, cough and fat etc.


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