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May 28, 2024
Home Services Astrology Report - Suitable Gemstones for You
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For Just INR 1101.00 / US $ 16.94

Reader can send there birth details and our Astrologers and Vedic professionals will provide you all the information regarding -

• Gem Stone that best suits you (on the basis of Nakshatras, Birth-Sign, Ascendnat, Favourable Planets and Dasha System).

• Appropriate Weight of the gemstone for you.

• Right Metal to be used to make the ring or the pendant of the gem stone.

• Accurate finger to select to wear the ring.

• Best Day, Time and other wearing Instructions for the Gem Stone, in order to get what you desire from it.

• Mantra for wearing to keep the gem stone pure and to energize over the period of time.

• Factoring various aspects of your horoscope, the report may prescribe not to wear any gemstone. (This rarely happens).

Prescribing a gemstone is delicate astrological procedure. An astrologer looks on almost every aspect of the planetary afflictions in the birth chart of the native to decide the right gem stone. As per Indian Astrology, every planet has its own Gem stone and the gem stone holds the properties of the planet that it is associated with. Gem stone is said to be one of the most effective remedy to overcome the tribulations caused by the malefic planets. Gem stone can boost up to properties of the benefic planets too. The astrologer has to have a keen observation of the planet and its Dasha (Major Periods of the planets) before prescribing a gemstone to the native.

An astrologer has to understand that the gem stone must match the qualities of the person. He must find the best suitable gem stone for the native to boost the luck and fortune of the native. Sometime an astrologer recommends the gemstone according to the current situation of the native. For example, an astrologer may ask to wear a gemstone for a very short period of time to get rid of the diseases or losses in the business. The astrologer has to see that the gem stone should minimize the bad luck of the native and should enhance the good qualities to achieve success in the life.

In today’s era, wearing a gem stone has become very fashionable. But one must understand that wearing a gem stone without consulting an astrologer can harm the native up to an extent of any severe happening. So we recommend you not to wear any gem stone just for the sake of fashion. Our astrologers at AstroMuni.Com look deeply into the birth chart to the level of each 'Pada' of the Nakshatra in the astro-sign desposited in a particular house to prescribe the gem stone.

After discovering the right gem stone for the native, next step for the astrologer is to decide the right size of the gem stone. This again is a very complicated issue and the astrologer has to be very selective while deciding the size. One must understand that a very big gem stone can be overload whereas small one will not act at all. Our astrologers at AstroMuni.Com relate intelligently, the weight of the stone to the strength of the corresponding planets.

Most of the people today wear the gem stones without performing Pooja (prayer of the related planet). One must understand that pooja energizes the stone and makes it ready to wear. Gem stone without pooja is life less. Pooja put the life in the gem stone. As per Indian Astrology, there are strict rules and Vedic procedure to energize the gem stone. At AstroMuni.Com, our Vedic professionals perform all the ancient Indian Vedic procedures to energize the gem stone. In the same way, selecting the right metal and finding out the right time to wear the gem stone is equally important. Also wearing the gem stone in the right finger is equally important to get the desired results.

May God Bless You !!!

For Just INR 1101.00 / US $ 16.94


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