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July 24, 2024
Home Yantra Therapy Yantra on Bhoj Patra
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BHOJPATRA YANTRA - Divine remedies for you !!! Go to Home Page

Bhojpatra Navgrah Yantra

As per Indian (Hindu) Shastras the Yantra written on the "Bhoj Patra" is the best tool of remedy to accomplish the task of that particular yantra. "Bhojpatra" is processed from the layers of the tree named "Bhoj", which is in use by Vedic Teachers and professionals since the ancient times.

• A general looking Bhojpatra Yantra is actually a sacred yet powerful mean which powersign its diety having abnormal effects. The people of India are directed by rishis and munis to pray their Lords and dieties in the form of different Bhojpatra Yantras to get protection from different troubles like diseases, loans, business, service, job, marriage, friendship, children and black magic etc.

• It is said in the Indian epics (Hindu shastraas) that the Yantras written and energised (praan pratishtha) on Bhojpatra are the best Yantras to overcome the troubles and problems.

Astromuni has come over with a deep study of these Yantras duly written & energised on Bhojpatras. As of now, our panel of astrologer and the Vedic Professionals have worked on 18 different Yantras on Bhojpatra and have discovered unimaginable results. Or in simple words miracles have been noticed.

Bhojpatra Navgrah Yantra

Bhojpatra yantra are directed to be used in a Talisman (Taabiz) by tieing it on the upper arms or by using it as a pendant around the neck or by simply placing it in the devine area like temple (Pooja Sthala) or by simply sticking it on a wall of the shop, office, factory etc.

• While energising one should take care of the time and palce to be choosen. One has to look for " auspicious time " (shubh samya) to write and energise Bhojpatra Yantra. The time can be of " Ravihasta, Ravimoola, Ravipushya, Gurupushya Nakshatra and Yogas, Holi, Deepawali, Navratras, Vijaydashmi, Solar & Moon eclips etc. are believed to be the most effective time to get the best results out of Bhojpatra Yantras.

• The devotee has to take a very special care of the writting ink and the pen (kalam) to be used to write a particular Bhojpatra Yantra. Kesar, Kastoori, Chandan, Kapoor, Gorochan etc. are the few of the things use to make the auspicious ink to write a Yantra on Bhojpatra.

Astromuni works on everykind of Yantras written and energised on Bhojpatras, Copper Plates, Gold Plated and Silver Plated. Only Bhojpatra yantras are energised (praan pratishthit) for a particular person, where as other Yantras are simply energised (shudhikaran) for the general use of everyone.

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