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August 4, 2021
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An interesting an profound astrology report based on the combination of methodically examining Nakshatras and Karmic Authority Planets (as declared by the oldest planets of the universe, Rahu & Ketu).

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), without Nakshatras is as incomplete as the human body is without eyes. As per Indian Astrology, there are 12 Astro-signs & 12 Planets that control every aspect of our life. At the deeper level it is basically "27-Constellation Sequence System" that actually forms the core understanding of celestial influence on these astro-signs and the planets.

As Ascendant Lord is designated as 'Father Planet' and birth-sign lord as 'Mother Planet', in the same way Nakshatra is the real 'Guide' that directs the native about its real path; it is believed that our soul travels from one life to another in the sequence of Nakshatras as told by the Vedic seers. Knowing the present Nakshatra reveals the past and next life's Nakshatras. In the same way our existence in the present life at different stages (from the moment of birth to death) is represented by 27 Nakshatras.

It goes without saying, that for most people the stages represented by the Nakshatras, hold more meaning, depending on those Nakshatras which are occupied by the astro-sign, ascendants or planets in an individual's horoscope.

And on other hand Rahu & Ketu has a greater role in evaluating the gratifications or grieves and mourns of the past, present and coming lives. Our Vedic seers saw Rahu and Ketu as probably the most profound and mysterious planets influencing our life. Rahu & Ketu are special planets assigned to accomplish the tasks that other planets are forbidden to. Every planet with their physical appearance is able to influence the present lives on the Earth. Whereas Rahu and Ketu are believed as the invisible energies that apart from influencing physical state of the things, have the excess to eternal-state beyond time!

Ketu is believed to be the oldest planet that exists even at the time of cataclysm of nature. Being the planet related to past, every moment that passes by in our life is archived in the Registry called Ketu. Ketu indicates about the area which we have been working on in our previous incarnations. And Rahu is supposed to be the second eldest among the planets who holds the information related to the future.

In colloboration with the Guide i.e. Nakshatra, it is Ketu that points where our talent lies, Ketu represents the field that we have perfected over a series of incarnations and thus comes naturally to us in the present life. This is the reason why there is always a sort of ambition and obsessive streak attached with the area Ketu is located in the nativity.

- Rahu stores the future and declares the Karmic Distribution Authority Planet of the horoscope.

- Ketu stores our past and announces Karmic Suction Authority Planet of the horoscope.

Karmic Distribution Authority Planet(s) represents the area where the native may distribute his energies in the present life. Whether these energies are positive or negative, refined or based, constructive or destructive depends upon the previous life Karmas and evolutionary level of the native involved.

And one's talent (irrespective of good or bad) in the present life can usually be deciphered through Karmic Suction Authority Planet(s) and its area of placement. It is often observed that native under infleunce of these planets is not able to get free to explore new realms that Rahu has to offer without facing the consequences of the past life Karmas. The Karmic Suction Authority Planet(s) sucks the Karmas of present life and results their outcome in future.

"This astrology report gives an idea about the path that you have selected. It is the trial to mention your root abilities which you may use in a right or wrong direction. This report will try to give a fair idea of your basic nature and characteristic that constellation has decided for you and this may sometime vary and diverge as per your surroundings or parental guidence called "Paarivarik Sanskaar" (influence of family's way of living). This fraction of the astrology report is to help you decide your way of living and leading your life. You may be on the rght path (or vice a versa). In the same manner, you may be an obeying son but may not be a loyal partner (or vice a versa). The astrology report gives an evaluation of your inner self (the element that you are made to achieve) to help you reaching the apex of your uncountable lives. Remember, this is you who has got all the abilities to improve your life by your own acts or 'karmas'. The matter is only to get guidance to right path. We would like to make it clear that this is an astrological reading and we request you to please take the report with your own mindful wisdom and awareness".

All the ancient seers were of the opinion that great cosmic forces coming from distant regions in the universe, of which the planets were decoders and trasmitters for our solar system, govern life of the Earth. Part of this knowledge of these distant star systems was stored in form of the 27 well sequenced Nakshatras widely used in the Vedic Astrology. The relationship of Rahu & Ketu with these Nakshatras, which establish their place in the real and true astrology, is discussed in this astrology report. The ancient seers also envisioned some methods to gain mastery over these forces, which involved the use of gems, rudrakshas, herbs, bhoj patras, mantras, yantras and yogic techniques like performing Pujas and donations etc. that have been included in the report.

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  What astrological boons and curses have you inherited?
  What kind of life can you enjoy in present and future incarnations?
  Are you on the right path as you should be as per your Nakshatras?
> JUST IN INR 4500 OR US $ 69.24

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