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October 3, 2022
Home Astrologers Mr. Shashi Kapoor
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Shashi Kapoor defines astrology as the practice of understanding and mapping planetary positions for a given date, time and place for the purpose of determining correlations between outer space observable facts and events taking place on earth. As he says, “These configurations are interpreted to the context in which they apply”. Shashi Kapoor born on June 20, 1971 is a family man. He loves his family more than his life. He belongs to the family having belief in religion and God.

He owes his success to his wife and whole of his family and of course to Lord Vaishno Devi for giving him support and courage to grow in the field of astrology. He believes that it is only the blessings of Lord Vaishno Devi and the support of his wife that today he is using his experience of predicting horoscopes on the internet to help the world by providing a great deal of astrological services through

Beside, working in the field of software (information Technology) for more than 11 years he has chosen his path of life in astrology. He says, ”Astrology is the path which will take me to the God”. He is predicting horoscopes by the age of 27 and now he is very accurate in his interpretations of planetary positions and predicting the facts of a native’s life.

Shashi Kapoor is running an astrological company by the name of “Om Samridhi”. His company provides every kind of astrological services and the related products (may it be precious gems, Rudraksha, Vedic Energised Yantras, Divine Rosaries, Crystals and Parad Items, Fengshui Products, etc). AstroMuni.Com is the astrological services based website designed and powered by Shashi Kapoor.

Apart from an astrologer, Shashi Kapoor is a Vaastu Consultant, a Reiki Master and a Rudraksha Therapist.

He says, “My main aim is to reach the God by helping the mankind by the mean of mythology and traditional astrology”.

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