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February 21, 2018
Home Rudraksh Beads (Divya Rudraksha for you !!!)
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What is Rudraksh?
Who is the legend behind Rudraksha?
Who can wear Rudraksh?
What are the precautions to wear Rudraksh?
What is the Procedure to Energize Rudraksh?
Important Tips about Rudraksh. ( and more.. )
Lakshmi Ganesh Bandh
Kaam Rudrksh Bandh
Durga Shakti Bandh
Marital Bliss Bandh
Education Band
Health Rudraksh Bandh
Rakshak Bandh
Budhi Vinayak Bandh
Sarv Karya Sidhi Bandh
Ganesh Bandh
Navgrah Bandh
Surya Rudraksh Bandh
Chandra Rudraksh Bandh
Mangal Rudraksh Bandh
Budh Rudraksh Bandh
Brihaspati Rudraksh Bandh
Shukra Rudraksh Bandh
Shani Rudraksh Bandh
Rahu Rudraksh Bandh
Ketu Rudraksh Bandh
Aries Rudraksh Bandh
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Aquarius Rudraksh Bandh
Pisces Rudraksh Bandh



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Rudraksh Intro:
Rudraksh is the divine power blessed with auspicious energies of Lord Shiva. We get the details about Rudraksha in number of “Granthas” and “Shastras” (the holy books of Indian Mythology). There are various stories about the origin of Rudraksha. One can find the greatness and detailed literature about the properties of Rudraksha in ancient Vedic scriptures like, "Maha Shiva Purana" and "Padam Purana Rudraksha". A Rudraksha is believed to be the direct blessings of Lord Shiva, which contains the properties to remove the impacts of sins of the wearer.

Rudraksha or Rudraksh (blessings of Lord Shiva)
is the auspicious and rare bead having amazing devine power to bless the wearer with wealth, health, luck, power and prosperity. A blessed Rudraksh bead has the power and ability to fulfill the desires of the native and to remove the malefic effects of negative planets. Rudraksh never gives negative results to its wearer.

Rudraksh Fruit   Rudraksh Bead

Energized Rudraksh bead generates tremendous amount of positive energy in the body. Rudraksh have spritual power to improve communication. It inspires the mind and enhances the intelligence of the wearer. Rudraksha Beads are used by the meditators to acquire the power of sixth sense. There are different mukhis (faces of) rudraksh, apart from Ganesh and Gauri Shankar bead. Each different faced Rudraksha bead has a different effect on the bearer.

Wearing a bead of 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi rudraksh in a small rudraksh rosary (108 beads mala) blesses the wearer with maximum auspicious results.

Important Tips about Rudraksha
- Rudraksh can be used to reduce the tribulations caused by malefic planets.
- Rudraksh can be used to enhance the positive results given by the benefic planets.
- Rudraksh can be used as a remedy to “Vaastu Doshas”.
- Rudraksh can be worn or can be kept in the temple at home or work place.
- Properly maintained Rudraksh can go up to next generation.
- Rudraksh should be kept clean and oiled.
- One should not clean Rudraksha with soaps or chemicals. Avoid wearing it while taking bath to keep it away from soaps and shampoos, as it may cause harm to the Rudraksha and may reduce its life. know more..

One Mukhi Rudraksh Eight Mukhi Rudraksh RARE BEADS
Two Mukhi Rudraksh Nine Mukhi Rudraksh Fourteen Mukhi Bead Ninteen Mukhi Bead
Three Mukhi Rudraksh Ten Mukhi Rudraksh Fifteen Mukhi Bead Twenty Mukhi Bead
Four Mukhi Rudraksh Eleven Mukhi Rudraksh Sixteen Mukhi Bead Twentyone Mukhi Bead
Five Mukhi Rudraksh Twelve Mukhi Rudraksh Seventeen Mukhi Bead Ganesh Rudraksh
Six Mukhi Rudraksh Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksh Eighteen Mukhi Bead Gauri-Shankar Rudraksh
Seven Mukhi Rudraksh      
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