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Shree Yantra is said to be the Yantra-Raj, the king of all Yantras. Sri Yantra related to Lord Maa Lakshmi. Devotion of Sri Yantra blesses the devotee with all the fruitful results in his/her life. One may get wealth, property, wisdom, fame and reputation in the society. The native gets the similar results of its devotion as similar to the results of the darshanas of Teerthas (The holy/sacred places). Just by the darshana of Sri Yantra, all poverties and hurdles are removed. One may be blessed with peace of mind, healthy and wealthy life, and liberation from birth-death cycle. There is no other Yantra in this world equivalent to this Yantra.

Indian Astrologers and other Hindu priest often recommends using Sri Yantra due to its rare found property. There are a lot of self-active powers in Sri Yantra, which makes it a divine tool to be kept always along. The person who donates or devotes Sri Yantra doesn’t take much of time to become rich and famous. Sri Yantra is said to be the residence of Maa Lakshmi. So wherever Sri Yantra is kept, Maa Lakshmi blesses that place.

Vaastu Doshas are get cured automatically, if at the time of starting the construction of a new house, Sri Yantra along with a silver coin, Druva, Haldi, Chandan, Pushpa, Akshat etc. is dig under at the Brahma Sathana of the plot region. Lit a Deepak everyday in front of Shree Yantra at your home, shop, office, factory or work place to get rid of loans.

Keep a Sri Yantra in your Safe along with money and wealth related documents. It saves your money and also stops the habits of over expenditure.

Shree Yantra is made on the copper plate. It is duly gold plated to keep its energized power long lasting.

Shree Yantra Available Sizes are:
Item Code Product Descriptions
Sizes are in inches)
YN0620301 Shree Yantra (4 X 3) 501 7.71
YN0620302 Shree Yantra (4 X 4) 590 9.8
YN0620303 Shree Yantra (6 X 5) 1001 15.4
YN0620304 Shree Yantra (6 X 6) 1290 19.85
YN0620305 Shree Yantra (6 X 7) 1590 24.47
YN0620306 Shree Yantra (7 X 7) 1890 29.8
YN0620307 Shree Yantra (8 X 8) 2100 32.31
YN0620308 Shree Yantra (8 X 9) 2300 35.39
YN0620309 Shree Yantra (10 X 10) 3000 46.16
YN0620310 Shree Yantra (10 X 12) 3100 47.70

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Guru Yantra

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ChautrisiyaYantra Ketu Yantra Navgrah Yantra Shubh Labh Yantra
Deepak Yantra Kuber Yantra Navnath Yantra Surya Yantra
Durga Ambaji Yantra Laxmi Ganesh Yantra Panchaguli Maha Yantra Vashikaran Yantra
Durga Beesa Yantra Lakshmi Narayan Yantra Pandrahiya Yantra Vastu Yantra
Durga Narvana Mantra Yantra Mahakali Yantra Rahu Yantra Vastumandal Chakram
Durga Saptshati Yantra Mahalakshmi Yantra Ram Yantra Vijay Yantra
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