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July 24, 2024
Home Yantra Therapy
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YANTRA THERAPY - Divine Remedies for You !!!  

As per Indian Shastras, the word "Yantra" in its most general sense means an insturment by which anything is accomplished. In worship (mythology), it is a diagram drwan or engraved or painted on prescribed materials, like metal, stone, paper or even a leaf, that helps one to subdue his passions like lust and anger and gain greater concentration.

While a sacred "Mandala", geometrical figure drwan with coloured powders, can be used for the worship on any deity, a Yantra also called "Chakra", is specific only to a particular deity. Every deity of the Hindu pantheon has its own Yantra. If the deity is the soul, the Yantra is its body.

Apart from the geometrical drawing or pattern that is appropriate to the deity, a Yantra also contains its Mantra, inscribed at the proper place. The presence of the deity is invoked into the Yantra by worship, the procedure of which is almost similar to that of a "Pratima" or image
. A Yantra wherein the deity has been roused by duly worshipping it, can then be used for any purpose - especially for the fulfilment of one's desires and overcoming the problems that may be occuring in the life .

The basic difference between a Yantra & Mantra is that
Mantra basically uses the oral chanting (Jaapa-Kriya). Whereas Yantra are the specific picture (chitran) of the specific Mantra. The specified picture is actually the significance of that particular diety (devta). All ancient cultures had sacred geometric designs representative of their Gods, which had a Mantra (or sacred sound vibration) that corresponded to it. In the Vedic culture, we find much power and energy said to be held within sacred geometric symbols. Vedic Yantra are not "lucky charms" to be worn or displayed as icons of power in and of themselves. Much specific knowledge and ability must go into their preparation and much dedication and worship is required to achieve the desired effects.

A Yantra without beej (basi
c) Mantrais dead. They can be drawn to whatever size is required. If energised they should be placed on higher seat "Aasana". A Yantra must be given life (pranapratishta) before starting its prayer.

A Yantra is essential in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, to win in court cases, to ward off diseases and to progress in meditation. By having a Yantra and keeping it in a sacred place in your house, gazing it everyday can fulfill your desires and help in attaining your goals.

There are different types of Yantras for different purposes. They can help you to attain success in your business, bring the person under your control, and bring wealth and prosperity to you. The Yantras have to be purified and energized before using it. Yantras energized during the nights of Maha Shivratri, Holi and Diwali are most effective and powerful. Normally the related Mantras are also chanted in the presence of the Yantras for quick results.

It is auspicious to see the Yantra daily in the morning and one should lit incense/dhoop or lamp with ghee before the Yantra every morning. By doing this the native is blessed with success and wealth. We send these Yantras only after Pran pratishta (energising or performing Pooja on them).
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Durga Saptshati Yantra Mahalakshmi Yantra Ram Yantra Vijay Yantra
Ganesh Yantra Maha-Mritunjay Yantra Ram Yantra (Charan Paduka) Vinayak Yantra
Gayantri Yantra Raj Mahayantram Yantra Ramraksha Yantra Vishnu Yantra
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