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May 24, 2019
Home Mala Rosary - Clear Quartz (Sphatic)
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Clear Quartz (Sphatic Mala) Clear Quartz is the clearest and purest form of Crystal. It is said to be the most powerful crystal among all. Clear Quartz is also known as “Pure Quartz” and “White Quartz”. Clear Quartz has the great power to remove negativities of any kind from the surroundings. It keeps its wearer physically fit.

It is said that the wearer of the Clear Quartz Rosary is always safe from any kind of devil effects (Bhoot-Preet Badha). As per Indian Astrology “Clear Quartz Crystal” is known as “Sphatik”. It has the divine power. It is said that Clear Quartz Crystal has the energy, which can redirect your wishes to the God. It itself works according to the thinking of its wearer.

“Clear Quartz Crystal Rosary” is an excellent tool to remove the negativities from the environment around you. It keeps the “Seven Chakras” of the spiritual body clean, balanced and aligns, thus preventing any kind of negative thoughts to enter your mind.

Item Code Product Discription Price  
ML06203 Clear Quartz Rosary 12500 192.31

“Clear Quartz” is not only famous in Hindus, but is also famous among “Muslim”. Both the communities use “Clear Quartz” for the purpose of chanting the mantras and pray to their respective “Gods”.

“Clear Quartz Crystal Rosary” is said to be the purest and most effective tool to be used for chanting the mantras. It is said that using it in the Chanting of the mantras energizes the “Clear Quartz Rosary”. The more a person uses it for the purpose of chanting the mantras, the more it will be energized and more the person will get benefits out of it.

“Clear Quartz Crystal Rosary” is very much recommended and used by astrologers, Natural Healing Therapists and Masters, Vedic Gurus, Tantriks and Munnis, even Reiki Masters. It is said that it saves its wearer from harms, sickness, diseases, negative thoughts, accidents, robbery and mental stress.

In Indian Astrology, “Sphatik”, the Clear Quartz Crystal is said to be the direct blessings of “Maa Lakshmi” like “Rudrakshas” are said to be the direct blessings of “Lord Shiva”. The wearer of “Clear Quartz Crystal Rosary” is blessed with luxuries, comforts, wealth, health and fame in his life.

“One should always use purified and energized Clear Quartz Crystal to get the maximum benefits”

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