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October 19, 2018
Home Mala Rosary - Rudraksh
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Rudraksh RosaryRudraksh is the divine power blessed with auspicious energies of Lord Shiva. We get the details about Rudraksha in number of “Granthas” and “Shastras” (the holy books of Indian Mythology). There are various stories about the origin of Rudraksha. One can find the greatness and detailed literature about the properties of Rudraksha in ancient Vedic scriptures like, Maha Shiva Purana, AkshaMaalikaoapnashida, Srimad Bhagwata, Mantra Maharnava, Padam Purana and Jabbalaoapanishada etc. Rudraksha is believed to have the direct blessings of Lord Shiva, which contains the properties to remove the affects of sins of the wearer. It is even said that if one wears the Rudraksha (in any form) on his body, even without worshiping or energizing it, does not get near any sinful act or thought. know more..

Rudraksh Tips

- Rudraksh can be used to reduce the tribulations caused by malefic planets.
- Rudraksh can be used to enhance the positive results given by the benefic planets.
- Rudraksh can be used as a remedy to “Vaastu Doshas”.
- Rudraksh can be worn or can be kept in the temple at home or work place.
- Properly maintained Rudraksh can go up to next generation.
- Rudraksh should be kept clean and oiled.
- One should not clean Rudraksha with soaps or chemicals. Avoid wearing it while taking bath to keep it away from soaps and shampoos, as it may cause harm to the Rudraksha and may reduce its life. know more..

Item Code Product Discription Price  
RK062024 Five Faced(6.5mm) Rudraksh Rosary 1800 27.70
RK062025 Five Faced(7.5mm) Rudraksh Rosary 1700 26.16
RK062026 Five Faced(9mm) Rudraksh Rosary 1600 24.62
RK062027 Five Faced(10mm) Rudraksh Rosary 1500 23.8

“One should always use purified and energized Rudraksh Malal to get the maximum benefits”

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