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September 19, 2021
Home Yantra on Bhoj Patra Ketu Yantra
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BHOJPATRA YANTRA - KETU YANTRA - to appease planet KETU (Dragon's Tail) Go to Home Page

Bhojpatra Ketu YantraKetu Yantra on Bhoj patra, is an auspicious instrument used to appease the planet Ketu ( Dragon's Tail ). If ketu is in malefic situation in horoscope of a native, Bhojpatra Ketu yantra is recommended to remove the malefic effects of planet Ketu. The Yantra blesses the native with respect, friendship and love and charity.

Ketu yantra on Bhoj patra made on every Saturday in Krishna Paksha and very auspicious day is no-moon (Amavasya) day. It is prepared by specific ink (draveya) and specific pen (kalam).

KETU (Dragon's Tail) is the trunk part of the planet “RAHU”. In Indian astrology, RAHU is said to be a shadow planet. He is the son of “SINHIKA” the daughter of “HIRNYAKASHYAPU”.

Bhoj Patra Ketu Yantra:
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BP062019 Bhoj Patra Ketu Yantra 1600 24.62

• As per Hindu mythology, at the time of “SAAGAR MANTHAN”, the devil “RAHU” managed to drink the immortal fluid “AMRIT” along with holy angels “DEVTAS”. Lord Vishnu became angry and cut his head using his “SUDARSHAN CHAKRA”. But as RAHU managed to drink “AMRIT”, he could not die. As the result the head and the trunk of his body were still alive. Afterwards, these two parts of his body became the shadow planet by the name of “RAHU” and “KETU”.

• “KETU” is an auspicious planet.

• “KETU” alike SATURN (SHANI) and “RAHU”, is said to be the SORROW of the “KAAL PURUSHA”.

• “KETU” indicates the position of the maternal grandfather of the native. It indicates the black magic, horned animals, death due to the animals with horns, dogs, hen etc. If “KETU” is in the malefic position in the horoscope, the native may suffer the enmities. “KETU” indicates the self-realization, understanding one’s own self, Vedic studies, knowledge, liberation from birth-death cycle, yoga, science etc.

- If you are facing the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Ketu (Dragon's Tail), it is recommended to use Ketu Yantra to appease Ketu.

- If the positon of Ketu in your horoscope is unfavourable and the time is not in your favour you are recommended to use Ketu Yantra to overcome the troubles you are facing.

Using Ketu Yantra created on Bhoj Patra blesses the native with all good in his business and profession like marine business, adventures sports, share market, physicians, surgeons, religious businesses etc.

Ketu Yantra is also used to cure the diseases occured due to melefic position of Ketu in the horoscope of a native like leucoderma, white spots over skin, legs and arms diseases, throat infections etc.


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