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December 2, 2022
Home Gems Therapy Semi Precious - Tiger's Eye
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Red Coral (Moonga)
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Diamond (Heera)
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Hessonite Garnet (Gomed)
Cat's Eye (Lehasunia)
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Piles Stone
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Red Garnet
Tiger's Eye
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Semi Precious Stone - TIGER'S EYE Go to Home Page

As name suggests a Tiger's Eye stone appears like a Tiger Eye. It is often recommended to those people who suffer from insomnia, sleeplessness and phobia of any kind. Tiger Eye stone makes the wearer brave. It enhances the decision power overcoming the problem of dullness and inferiority complex.

Item Code Product Descriptions Price /caret  
GM062062 Tigers Eye (Supreme Range) 750 11.54
GM062063 Tigers Eye (Delux Range) 300 4.62
GM062064 Tigers Eye (Economical Range) 150 2.31


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