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June 20, 2019
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While selecting a plot the following points should be observed:

Directions facing Northeast is over all good for home, factory and offices while Northwest is good for trading, business and industry. Southeast is good for chemical, petrochemical, or electric related business or industry and Southwest is good only for night time activities.
Four shapes of plots only recommended SQUARE, RECTANGULAR, SHERDAH (plot is wider in front then the back) and GAUMUKHI (means a plot is wider in back then the front)
The slope of the plot or land should be towards north and east.
Plot having road on one side at North and East direction is good for prosperity. If Plot having road on one side at West direction is good for name and fame and if plot having road on one side at South direction is good for business.
Plot facing two side road North & East directions is good for prosperity. If plot facing road East & South direction is good for females. The plot facing road South & West directions is average. The plot facing road West & North direction is good and the plot facing road North & South direction is average.
Plot facing three side road is weak plot. It can be improved by providing passage on fourth side.
Plot facing roads on all sides is the best plot.
Plots facing road with T-Junction are weak plot.
The plot at the end of the road is not a good plot.
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