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October 22, 2018
Home Astrologers Mr. Yeshpal Soni
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Mr. Yashpal Soni is a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Born on 2nd Feb 1962 in Delhi, awarded as “Jyotishi Research Scholar”, Mr. Yashpal Soni is a graduate in Human Philosophy.

As he says, “Though having a great faith and respect in the God and his divine powers, and even knowing that I had something special, a god-gifted supernaturality in me, I always wanted to become a Mechanical Engineer. And while pursuing for the Diploma in Mechanical Designing, I often used to study palms and horoscopes of my friends to predict about their life and incidents. In those days of college I used to meditate Lord Shiva regularly. And I believe, by the grace of Lord Shiva only I was so accurate in my predictions that I decided to take the astrology as a full time career”.

Due to his scientific academic background and nature to explore the subject in a deep manner, Mr. Yashpal Soni has spent a long time in the detailed study of Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Vaastu Shastra.

Having over 15 years of experience crossing over different levels of astrology, he has deeply studied a lot numbers of Hindu Shastras to enhance his Vedic knowledge. Apart from the traditional remedies (Mantra Chanting, recommending Gems and different Anushthaanaas) he also uses other natural and supernatural therapies as a remedial process like, Pyramid Therapy, Yantra Therapy and Telepathy etc.

He says, “I am a simple man who loves his family a lot and has a firm belief that our present life is definitely determined by the karmas of our last life and our present life karmas may effect our present and next life. So I pray to God to shower the infinite blessings over the human kind to get them on the right path… the path of truth… the path of brotherhood and love… the path of sympathy and charity”.

He adds, “I feel honor by giving my services to I personally feel, that the site is developed with a real and true intention of serving human kind.”

May Lord Shiva bless all . . . ! ! !

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